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        We owns a lot of manufacturing facilitie,e.g, 100 precision lathe

        Release time:2015.01.13     viewed:     News sources:www.www.entrepbash.com
        We owns a lot of manufacturing facilitie,e.g, 100 precision lathe and 20 number control machine.They both can meet requirement of products tests . The company has achieve computer - managed of ERP. Our company have the world's most advanced technology for both production and management.Just like Gemba、Kaizen and so on. Now we want to making from these management system to build some sound manage method what is can upswing our firm. By far, our enterprise has already passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System .The products export to JAP-AN,U.S.A,Vietnametc. Our main product: SMA、SMB、MCX、BNC、TNC、N、7/16、L9、L29、FL10,.We also have variety of aluminum hull and all kinds of adaptation kit about communicate or communication pruduct. We are pround to tell our client our manufacture receive wide acceptance on civil works,industrial engineering,military engineering and so on. Our product do become one of the main supplies of spaceflight,telecom, message instrument .

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